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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I know I have not been writing anything. For quite some time. It was by choice as imposed on me by circumstances of my choosing. Lot's of things have been going on that should be things that would inspire acceptable entries here but it just so much that I was paralyzed by them all. Well, for the first time after more than 8 years, I did not have any entry on the annual anniversary of the blog. I missed a lot of things. But I never regret as my attention was divided on the many things including on Abang's future.

Abang is now attending a University abroad. After we arrived back here, we spent the whole of the remaining year and the earlier half of this year to ensure he successfully complete his final year of High School and gain entrance into a University of his choice. He did, both. Alhamdulilah.

For this I am really thankful to Allah. My prayers, our prayers are always for him to perform well and never forget his roots. A few weeks ago, I managed to pay a visit to see how he was doing. Alhamdulilah, he has settled down and looked very much like any college kid (reminded me of myself too). Well it just a few weeks but I pray and hope that he would remain that same hardworking boy and respectful to others as he has always been.

Before I left him, I was reminded of some wise words that my father told me before I took the plane 24 years ago. Though I tried to sound as wise, but I only managed to say, ' Be a good boy '. I hugged him and waved as I passed the security check. That's all I could say, ' Be a good boy'.