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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Shazzam(aka Chitty to others in the house) had once again displayed her canny ability as a predator cat. If usually, she would bring back lizards or moths home to show us, today she brought back a sparrow or 'burung pipit' to some of us nationalists at heart.

Ibu and Faim who saw Shazzam, quickly chased her away and forced her to drop the almost still bird. Faim nearly cried looking at the bird while Ibu examine the bird and saw some puncture marks on the bird's chest. Quickly Ibu took the all purpose super elixir, minyak gamat, and rub it all over. Impatient Faim kept asking Ibu if the bird was still alive. The bird was barely alive. We have the technology to make it first bionic bird. 

Ibu instructed Faim to put the bird inside Shazzam carrying cage and hide her in Nenek's room. Just in case that dastardly Shazzam cat would come again and snuff it out for good. Ibu is definitely unhappy with Shazzam's showing off her natural talent and scolded her at every opportunity with Faim adding more reprimands immediately.

Anyhow, by the next morning, the bird appeared well enough and started to move around in the cage. Faim, the unappointed care giver, busied himself gicing bird seeds, water and warm cloth for the bird's comfort. By mid afternnon, the bird, a she according to Faim, has a name already. Lucy although Faim insisted it is spelled Luse. Faim started to miss his hourly dose of cartoon network on TV and minecraft on the computer.  He doted on the bird and nearly sleep with it in bed.

On the third day, the bird was seen eating and drinking properly. Faim was happy but. Shazzam was still lurking and looking for opportunity to finish off his thwarted effort two days earlier. Finally, when Faim was in the toilet, Shazzam managed to show her face to the bird causing havoc inside the cage. Faim came and chased Shazzam away. He understood the bird would be in constant mortal danger from Shazzam. Maybe a heart attack from seeing Shazzam face could kill her anytime. So, he came to Ibu and asked to release Luse in the park.

And she was freed that afternoon in the hot sun.