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Friday, October 13, 2017


Noor Inayat Khan
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Noor-un-Nisa Inayat Khan (Urduنور عنایت خان‎, 2 January 1914 – 13 September 1944) was a British heroine of World War II renowned for her service in the Special Operations Executive.[1]
She also went by the name Nora Baker and was a published author[2] of Indian and American descent who was posthumously awarded the George Cross for her service in the SOE, the highest civilian decoration in the UK.[1] As an SOE agent she became the first female wireless operator to be sent from Britain into occupied France to aid the French Resistance during World War II, and was Britain's first Muslim war heroine.[1]

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Ibu sibuk di dapur.

' Faim, what would you like to drink?', tanya Ibu.
 ' Anything would be fine, Ibu', jawab Faim senang.
'Ayah?', tanya Ibu menoleh kepada aku.

Aku pandang kepada makanan atas meja dan pinggan mangkuk kotor dalam sink.
'Takpa, air putih je dulu. Nanti, I drink the juice', jawab aku.

Begitulah rutin seharian. Berpuasa di sini sangat la berbeza. Siangnya sangat panjang. Pukul dua pagi dah kena berhenti sahur. Buka puasa dekat-dekat pukul 9 malam.

Aku risau samada Faim dapat menunaikan puasa penuh. Dengan tempoh puasa yang sebegitu ditambah dengan cuaca yang semakin panas dan sangat kering, aku risau kalau dia terjejas kesihatannya. Bagi aku sendiri, rasanya memang paling mencabar tahun ini. Mungkin sebab-sebab di atas atau mungkin saja sebab aku semakin berumur. Entahlah.

Tapi dalam semua keluhan aku, Ibu tampak biasa je. Tabah. Selain melayan kerenah kami, Ibu juga ada banyak benda lain nak urus. Sempat jugak dia curi masa buat kueh-kueh raya. Yang simple-simple aja, kata Ibu tanpa hilang senyum.

Tapi aku tau, Ibu juga penuh kerinduan untuk berbuka puasa dengan dua lagi anak bujangnya. Mereka sudah besar dan mengurus sendiri hidup berpuasa dengan atuk dan nenek di Cheras. Aku pon tak berapa tau samada mereka mengurus dengan baik atau lebih banyak mengharap kepada nenek. Tapi aku tau, bahawa kadang sewaktu aku sedang terbongkang tidur di waktu pagi atau petang, Ibu akan skype atau video call dengan adik dan bertanya tentang hari hari mereka di bulan puasa. Aku tau sebab bila kadang-kadang aku bertanya tentang mereka, Ibu sedia dengan jawapan-jawapan terkini.

'Ayah, it's time already. Ibu come sit down', Faim memanggil dan memberitahu sudah masuk waktu untuk berbuka. Kami pon duduk dan Faim membaca doa berbuka puasa sebelum kami meneguk air minum dan menjamah juadah simple yang ibu sediakan. Tiada suara azan berkumandang. Tiada bunyi kentung dipalu dan tiada bunyi meriam buluh berdentum. Hanya suara Faim memanggil kami duduk dan bacaan doa buka puasa.


Wednesday, March 29, 2017


It's getting very very late. This could be the third time that I had dozed off. Every time I fell asleep, I was nudged awake by Amin, who looked unhappy that I would sleep through such time. He focused his eyes back to the middle of the room. My eyes followed. I tried to listen to he conversation from the people at the table.

A few days ago, Amin asked me to accompany him to this place. Amin worked with Pak Rahim. More of a helper than an assistant. He was under instruction to look for a place for these people to talk in private far from the prying eyes and busy body ears. And, also to ask no questions beyond what was instructed.

Amin doesn't know who these people are. A simple man that he is, he just followed what was ordered. I know these people. Not really well but I can appreciate the need for secrecy. So, I agreed to follow Amin just so that I could see these men in front of my eyes.


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Unsolicited Advice for My Three Sons, In No Particular Order by Rufus Griscom

Dear boys,
Despite your brilliance and good judgment, you appear to have very little interest in my advice, either because you are too old for it (or you think you are, ZaimDeclan) or you are too young for it (but not for long, NaimGrey and FaimRye!). I, meanwhile, have a surplus of advice building up in me. I am like a lactating cow that needs to be pumped, or a pregnant sea turtle maybe. I need to get this advice out of me, and put it somewhere for safekeeping.
Be forewarned, not all of this is actually *good* advice … I am still learning and figuring things out. I am only 50 48, after all. Friends and members of the community here — feel free to add to this, embellish, and call me out.
With no further ado, the first installment of my partially-baked, unsolicited advice follows:
  1. Begin conversations with people on airplanes when you hear “We have begun our descent.” If they prove to be fascinating, you will broaden your world; if they prove insufferable, it’s only 15 minutes.
  2. Collect words the way other people collect stray cats, tropical birds, or Pokemon Cards. Words are pixels, they are units of thought; just as you can render more precise images with more pixels, you can communicate ideas more powerfully — and maybe even think more efficiently — with more words. This is why vocabulary is among the metrics most highly correlated with success. But don’t be pedantic — use big words sparingly, only when they are the perfect fit.
  3. If you drink green tea without sugar 30 times, it will taste acrid and mouth-puckering the first 29 times, and on the 30th it will taste pretty good. This is true of everything … there is no activity or habit you can’t develop a taste for. So you may as well develop a taste for things (and people) that are good for you.
  4. Habits are for lazy people. And you are lazy. We all are. Habits are shortcuts to getting a whole lot of things done without spending too much of your finite supply of willpower. So use em.
  5. People don’t look bad in photos because they “aren’t photogenic”; they look bad in photos because they think they are better looking than they are. Don’t be one of these people. Embrace and own the degree to which you are funny looking. It gives you personality, and it will cause you to be pleasantly surprised by your reflection in the mirror now and then.
  6. Use people’s names whenever possible. When you forget someone’s name, ask them again and blame your dad for passing on bad-memory-for-names genes. Names are a door handle to a person; that small little effort opens them up.
  7. When it comes to hangovers, the problem isn’t mixing types of alcohol; its simply about how much you drink. That’s always been my hunch, and I just looked it up and it appears to be true. It’s extremely difficult to do accurate research with a sample size one (though I am still working on it :), and this results in a lot of inaccurate conventional wisdom.
  8. Wear the same shirt every weekday. Find a shirt you like, and buy eight of them. It will simplify your morning, and communicates to the world that you are focused.
  9. Wear funny shirts on the weekends. You know this about me, I like silly shirts. Shirts that express joy, and perhaps an element of self-parody. Seventies Givenchy. Mr. Bubble. The technicolored dream coat. Moods are contagious, and a mood can be sparked by a shirt. Humans, broadly speaking, take themselves far too seriously, and you, in your silly shirt, are an antidote.
  10. Figure out what your strengths are and build on them, empowered with the knowledge that there is no such thing as a normal or even optimal brain type. I believe I have low level ADD — you may too. Attention deficit disorder is a misnomer — its a brain type that is inclined towards creativity, and selective deep focus, and I happen to love it.Neurodiversity is not an accident … there are a range of different brain types each of which confer advantages and disadvantages and contribute to society in complimentary ways.
  11. If peanut butter could only be found in the placenta of a rare tropical bird, it would cost $1,000 per ounce. Sure, caviar tastes good, but so does peanut butter. People are irrationally attracted to that which is scarce, because scarce things function as status symbols. If you understand the elements of human behavior that are irrational and predictable, you are freed from them and can benefit from the insight.
  12. Respect science. It’s not an ideology; it’s a system for limiting our crazy human inclinations towards bias and misperception, borne out of humility. Every time you get in a commercial airplane, you are betting your life on the scientific method. If a collection of science skeptics builds an airplane and offers you a ride, don’t get in.
  13. When microwaving, hit 66 seconds, 99 seconds, or 2:22 rather than even numbers. Why? Because 60 seconds is no more likely to be an appropriate amount of time to heat a cup of tea than 55 or 66 seconds. They are all arbitrary time periods. And you save a couple seconds. More important than the time savings is the ability to think for yourself.
  14. Mentors — even highly successful ones — are more accessible than you think they are. So seek them out. Identify the people who have climbed the mountains you want to climb before and cold call them. They are accessible because mentoring is a form of therapy; we can’t give advice to our younger selves (much to my dismay), so instead we give advice to younger people and it feels good.
  15. Always give money to street musicians, even bad ones. (Well maybe not really bad ones.) The streets need more music.
  16. When you are young, poverty = freedom; when you are older, if you have kids, money = freedom. It makes it possible to do things you used to take for granted like sleep, read the newspaper and see a little bit of the world. I am not saying money should drive your career decisions, quite the contrary, it’s not what matters in life. But it’s good to understand that your relationship to it will change.
  17. Small negotiations are practice for big ones, so engage in small daily negotiations as a form of learning. Almost everything is negotiable … I had heard this but didn’t believe it was true until I met your Mom :). You have succeeded when the person with whom you are negotiating feels pleasantly surprised by their capacity for generosity. You win not when you get the best price, but when you do so while building a strong relationship.
  18. When you are at Starbucks, ask for a small coffee in a medium cup. They will over-pour, and you will end up with just enough room for milk. And save 50 cents. This is a little hack; the world is full of them.
  19. Always tell the truth. Not because it’s written on a stone tablet, but because it’s a better practice. I used to occasionally find myself bending the truth, but I decided to stop about twenty years ago for four reasons: humans have highly evolved abilities to detect dishonesty, even when they don’t understand how; sharing vulnerability and imperfection connects you to people; the truth is generally good for people even if it’s hard to say; and as it turns out, it’s less work— if you always tell the truth it’s easier to remember what you have said.
  20. Lead with your weaknesses. Make fun of yourself. Not compulsively — this reads as insecurity — but in an honest, playful, friendly way. This makes people comfortable, creates trust, and counter-intuitively, it comes across as confidence.
  21. Community, broadly defined to include all relationships with other people, is everything. It’s not 60% of happiness, it’s 99%. Everything you think is important — success, building things, writing novels, gaining status — is important only insofar as it nourishes your current and future possible relationships.
  22. Failure — whether it’s a failed jump shot, a failed relationship, a bankrupt company, or a scoop of ice cream falling off the cone — is a data point. Aspire to love data the way a father loves his sometimes obstreperous three boys: because of, not in spite of, imperfections.
  23. If at all possible, have kids. Children are extraordinary and infuriating, and among the most powerful human experiences available to us. Kids are a front row seat to the most extraordinary of spectacles: the unfurling of a human life. Mommy and I are so lucky to have you boys … we are grateful every day. Having your own kids is also a good way to rediscover humility when you think you’ve figured it all out. And humility opens us up to powerful new experiences and relationships. Don’t have them too soon, or too late, and don’t underestimate the challenge, but for gosh sake have em, if you can.

Thursday, March 09, 2017


Yes, It has been around that long. It has seen it good days. Now, it is languishing in that area between time and a dimension that has yet to be discovered by scientists of various fields.

The kids are all grown up. Abang is back in Malaysia, pursuing his last semester at Monash, far away from Carleton where he spent four years. Adik is into his second semester at Taylor's U. He is pursuing his study in Mass Comm there. Both are staying with Atuk and Nenek, keeping them company. The two cats, Chitty and Snowy are their two companions.

Baby Faim is here with us. Beginning his high school years here without the constant teasing of Adik. Making new friends and also the best companion for Ibu. Me, still the same although now I have more time for Ibu at home. Hope she is happier to see my face more often and my constant nagging for some kind of delicious food only available back home in Malaysia.

I guess things are going OK at the moment. I am watching my diet as I must per the doctor's advice. It has been three and a half year since. Am not out of the woods yet but am thanking God for every single morning that I could wake up and see the sunshine. And, keep on praying in the middle of the night when He decided to remind me and nudged me from the bed.

Well, there's not much to say any more, I guess. Except for the very few attempts to remain creative, I can't seem to have that discipline to write diligently as before.

Hmmm... maybe I can ask Adik to write here instead... OK, I'll go ask him!

Till then, bye for now.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017



masihkah kita
bersama kuyup
dalam reribuan jatuhan butiran hujan

bertuli telinga
dalam dentuman guruh yang gagah
petir bertempik perkasa

memohon perlindungan dari Nya
di tengah silihan ganti
kilat yang meyabung

masih aku si bongok
mencacak tegak berdiri
melaung kembali ke langit