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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


'Ayah, what are the signs of people getting old?', Adik tanya ke aku.

'There are a lot. People grow weak, sickly, white hair, falling teeth. A lot of people experience that. Some will experience only one or two of those', jawab aku selamba.

'For you Ayah, how would you know when you are getting old', Adik tanya lagi.

'Me? Hmm.. let me think what would be the signs of me getting old.

'when my son is taller than me
when I still regard Love Song by TESLA as the best love ballad ever
when I used my BP Card to pay toll and my Touch n Go to pay petrol
when I can sing with ease and perfect lyrics to any old songs appearing on certain blogs
when people a... ermm what was your question again Adik? '

'What was my question? Never mind Ayah. I got the point', jawab Adik selamba.
'Oh yea.. another sign is that the children are more forgiving to certain lapses by the parents.. hehehe ', aku jawab sambil tersenyum

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