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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Raya was so much uneventful event for the family this time around. While all the children diligently perform their fasting ( including Faim with his peculiar mazhab teaching), Raya was just like any other day. Before Raya, we thought the kids could skip school and perform the Eid prayers with me and then we would all sit down and salam each other before eating the simple yet traditional raya dish that Ibu normally cook.

However, it was not to be. As school term begins within the same week, most of the kids have important school day on Friday. Abang had a new math teacher who was not only tough but very difficult one to boot. And, Friday was the day that the teacher expect everyone to be in her first class or else life could be difficult for the rest of the year for whoever was the unlucky one. So, I agreed with Ibu that maybe Abang could skip the sunat Eid prayers. Adik and Faim are in the same school and Friday was the day they would move to their new grade classroom and meet with their respective home room teacher. I also regard this to be unfortunate but probably unavoided.

So, I ended up driving  to Blundell  and prayed with about 300 other jemaah. Returning home, I joined Ibu and we salam together and ate our traditional dishes in quiet. Then I left for an official engagement before proceeding for the Friday prayers. The kids came back at about 4pm and we sat down together and do our usual salam and duit raya ceremony. This time we don't even have Nenek and Atuk on Skype as we usually do for the past 3 years.

I felt a little disappointed that the kids were unable to experience the warmth and festive experience that I had when I was their age. I know that this is part of life which I have to face as many others do. While I can be sure that I am used to this, do I really know how the kids felt? That was on my mind the whole day.

'Sorry boys, probably next year we could celebrate in  a more meaningful celebration with all our family back home. InsyaAllah, we will have all the usual and normal celebration, just like we used to have 4 yrs ago. ', I spoke to Adikwhile patting his head. He looked up at me showing his clear signs of pimples on his forehead.

'Ayah, don't forget tommorow we have some people coming to the house right. Then, it is Raya, Ayah!', Adik answered me back. Adik can always connect with my inner emotions.

'Yea, my friends and colleagues. My personal parish. InsyaAllah that could bring some cheers tomorrow', I thought hard.