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Saturday, August 11, 2007


Aku bertanya ke Abang, ' So what have you been doing?

'Abang tersengeh-sengeh menjawab, 'this and that!'. Nampak muka dia macam malu-malu nak menjawab.

Aku tanya lagi,' what this and that, example please?'

Abang diam kejap. Ragu-ragu. " Oh.. I helped Nenek take out the washing from the machine when it's done. I also helped take the clothes in when they are dry. And, when it rains, I am supposed to tell Nenek before taking the clothes in really really fast. Oh, and I also watered the plants, including the flowers planted by Ayah'.

'That' s all?', Ibu pulak mencelah.

'Well, I also feed the fish. Daily!', tegas Abang.

'That's not so tough', kata Ibu. 'School started already, right?. How was it?', Ibu tanya lagi.

'So far everything is ok. Ibu, how if my homework is too hard. Sometimes, Nenek doesn't understand my school work', tanya Abang.
'Ask Nenek first. You could also ask your friends. But, don't copy, ok. If it is too hard, ask your teacher. There's no harm in asking for help', nasehat Ibu.
'Ok', pendek aja Abang jawab. ' Where's Adik and Baby Faim?', tanya Abang sambil cuba menunjuk senyuman.
'They are still asleep', cepat aku pulak mencelah. 'Do you miss us?', tanya aku.
'NO... errr maybe, umm sometimes. Maybe sometimes', Abang jawab perlahan sambil menundukkan muka ke bawah. Aku dengar Ibu menarik nafas perlahan.
Sekejap kemudian Abang menatap wajah kami lagi. ' Er.. Ibu, Ayah.. it's nearly ten o'clock. Nenek asked me not to stay up too long. I am going to bed, ok!', Abang beritahu.
'Ok, Abang. Have a good sleep, OK. Listen to Atuk and Nenek always and be a good boy. We really miss you, always not sometimes. Ok. Good night!', kata Ibu tersekat-sekat.
'OK, good night', jawab Abang. Sekejap itu wajah Abang pun hilang dari pandangan.
Aku pun menutup Skype dan berpaling ke Ibu, muram.

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