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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

One of Many

It is never easy raising a child. You can never be sure. But, whatever parents do, are always for the sake of the children. My parents told me that. My Grandparents, uncles and aunties. And teachers too. And those older people that matter that touched your life as you are growing up. Those times, when you hear those words, maybe it was a response to your questions, your moments and most likely your actions.

And you listen to those words. You take heed. Though you don't really understand it that time, but you pay attention. Because these words, I was certain must have been repeated through generations. It would have come down from time of before. And I will repeat these same words to my children. Always. So that they would understand. That, it is really not an easy task trying to raise children. But, it is always fun and always worth the effort you put in.

'So, please understand. That we don't do things to stifle your freedom or your enjoyment. We do it with your benefit in mind. You have to trust us on that', aku beritahu Abang sambil memandang tepat ke muka Abang. Abang tidak memandang aku tetapi menumpu mata kepada layar TV. Tangannya masih memegang controller dan sedikit-sedikit menekan butang-butangnya. Tapi dengan lebih perlahan.
'You just think about that', aku menambah dan naik ke atas.
20 minit kemudian baru aku mendengar Abang naik ke atas untuk tidor.

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