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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Games People Play

'Ayah, what kind of games do you play when you were small?', tanya Adik sebelum tidor. Beberapa hari kebelakangan ini, aku kurang senang hati jadi aku ajak Adik tidur menemani aku pula. Ibu aku minta tidur dengan Baby Faim di bilik mereka.

'I played a lot of games a lot Dik. I played Sembunyi Ibu, RamRim, Polis Sentri, Belon Acar, TingTing, Ceper, main kombat, layang-layang katak, roket and bola lubang', jawab aku mengingat satu persatu. Aku rasa Adik tak tahu pon separuh dari permainan aku sebut tadi.

'Oh, I thought you said you played soccer and badminton?', jawab Adik.
'That was when I got bigger. When I was small, I played those things. And I also played with the pelepah kelapa. We get old coconut frond, sat on it and slided down the hill near our house. That was fun', aku cerita lagi.

'Oh like in your Lat book?' tanya Adik.
'Yes, but in Lat's book, the friends had to pull the coconut frond around the kampung. In my case, we each get one frond and race downhill with them'.

'How do you play combat? Do you have toy gun like Faim's Stormtrooper Blaster?', tanya Adik lagi ingin tahu, walaupun aku nampak mata dia dah semakin layu nak tidor.

'Well, when I was small, there was a famous TV series called COMBAT, starring Vic Morrow and Rick Jason. We made our own weapons. We draw the shape of a rifle on a piece of flat wood. Then we asked our older friends to saw it into shape. We tie a string from one end to the other and we have our rifle', aku terangkan pada Adik.

'How do you make the shooting sound. You have to put the batteries somewhere?', tanya Adik lagi.

'Nope, no need for all that. We use our own mouth. Prttttttttttt - for machine gun and peng peng for single shot rifle. The people using machine gun will get tired first(or their mouth in this case) or meaning they would be out of ammo. Just like in real combat situation.

Since we like Combat so much, so we played seek and destroy just like the TV series. One team would have to go and hide. And another would go and look for them. We took turn. We had to perfect our ambush skills. Oh we hid and concealed ourselves in all funny funny places. Chicken coop, up on a tree, inside big drains, neighbour's toilet, old cars, garbage can, all sort of places. Oh when we got shot, we also sounded like a Geman soldier.. aieee!!... like that! Those time we were very gentlemen, if you got shot you gotta accept it and move out and wait in open areas. 

So we really had real fun. We don't need all these Nintendo, XBOX or Playstation. They are so virtual. So fake'. 

Aku menoleh ke Adik. Dah tidor dah rupanya dia. Mata dia terpejam. Mungkin dia tengah mimpi jadi Vic Morrow. Aku lebih suka Kirby si Bibir Tebal dengan senapang besar.

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