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Friday, March 28, 2014


Just a short one.

Never thought it could last this long. 

Baby Faim is now not a baby. A 10 year old boy whose preoccupation is Minecraft and Disney Channel. Adik is in his own teenage world, oblivious of everything else that's going around the house. Once in a while he would ask about current happenings ie the MH370 or situation in Ukraine.

Abang is proceeding well with his study at Carleton. His earlier plan to transfer to Vancouver had to be shelved for now. He seems happier these days. Abang is coming back this May. I can't wait to talk to my adult son.

Ibu is fine. Busy running the household. I am fine too. Got a new assignment. Slogging through.

Happy Anniversary my blogger friends. 

Here looking at all of you. Thank you.


Adah said...

Salam Ayah, it has been a while. Tak sangka your first son dah sambung belajar. Time flies. What course is he taking? I wish him all the best.

Ayah said...

Hey it's Adah. It's been a really long long time not a while, OK. I've gone and came back to Malaysia already. How has it been? Should I address you as Dr Adah now? Congratulations. Pardon my exuberance but just so happy to hear from you.

Anyway Abang is studying Political Science now and is finishing his second year this May. He is spending his Summer with us until August.

Good to hear from you. Do update your new blog.

Papa Dom said...


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