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Wednesday, March 29, 2017


It's getting very very late. This could be the third time that I had dozed off. Every time I fell asleep, I was nudged awake by Amin, who looked unhappy that I would sleep through such time. He focused his eyes back to the middle of the room. My eyes followed. I tried to listen to he conversation from the people at the table.

A few days ago, Amin asked me to accompany him to this place. Amin worked with Pak Rahim. More of a helper than an assistant. He was under instruction to look for a place for these people to talk in private far from the prying eyes and busy body ears. And, also to ask no questions beyond what was instructed.

Amin doesn't know who these people are. A simple man that he is, he just followed what was ordered. I know these people. Not really well but I can appreciate the need for secrecy. So, I agreed to follow Amin just so that I could see these men in front of my eyes.


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