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Monday, April 28, 2008


'Are they strong, Ayah!', tanya Abang kepada Aku.
'They are the last-ranked of the teams here. But, I am sure they are gonna give the best they could', jawab aku.
'But, they lost yesterday', kata Abang lagi.
'Well, they are a young team. They are playing far away from home and it is really cold today. I see you too are shivering incessantly', jawab aku lagi, saja menambah.
'OK.. go Malaysia...Go... I think we need a kompang next time la Ayah', Abang berkata sambil terus menyorak.

The Great MALAYSIA BOLEH huddle before the start.

Getting ready to go... In the very cold Spring weather.

Attacking the Koreans, with gutso!

Final score. Didn't really reflect how well they played and considering the really strong opponents they have.

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