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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Halcyon Days

We were sitting on the sand. Rocks and debris were around us. The sun was really testing our ability to absorb the nutrinos. The kids were sifting sands looking for something. To the left and right are hills with exposed surface due to erosion. Multi-layered and multi-colored, they appear beautiful indeed. In front of us are gaping wide land depression. I smiled absorbing the surrounding.

Another. Walking down Center Street, we crossed 2nd Avenue with nary a soul around. No traffics passing by. Not even any parked on the ubiquitous and free curbside parking lots The public library looked empty and deserted. So was the Fire Department and the Police Station. Nobody entered or exited any of the similarly quaint looking shops and restaurants. It was 930 am. And again, I smiled to myself.

And another. Slow blowing wind caress our body, face and hair. The wind swept yellow field in front of us as far as the eyes could see, seemed to be dancing to a certain rhythm, too subsonic for human ears, but it was there. The only snag was the constant itch of the newly born mosquitoes biting our exposed arms and necks. but, I was taking it all with full smiles on my face.

Finally, one of the kids couldn't stand it and asked me. 'Ayah, why are you smiling all the times?', asked Naim. I just smiled back and answered 'Halcyon days, Dik. Halcyon days', and continued walking to the car.

At the corner of my eyes I could see Adik shaking his head to Abang who showed an inquiring face.

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