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Friday, January 05, 2007


People regard different part of the day differently. Some people love the early light. The period before all life start to stir. The serenity it conveys like the calm before the storm. The promise of things to do and things to achieve.

I know people who love the afternoon. The time where one can stop and rest after the hectic morning of this and that. There's a friend who just has to leave the office and drive around in Putrajaya during lunch without really going anywhere. It's just for a break from the mundane or hectic morning.

Some people love sunsets. The beautiful display of waning light signaling the end of the day. The time to stop things you have been doing since your started your day and ironically start calling it a day. The time to get home and be with the family, for those who have one. Or other home still to be with the furniture or the TV set for those who doesn't. It is as if like saying well I have done all for the day with what were thrown at me today. Tommorrow is another day and another world.

I also know of some who love the peace and quite of midnight. Where all actions are suppossed to end and you can really hear yourself thinking. Where all things seem to be on hold, resting. And do something with your mind and let it wander. Although nowadays, midnight really doesn't offer much pause in life activities, especially in big urban areas.

And some other friends of mine would love to wake up in the wee morning. They pray and doa and just be awake after that watching TV or other things like reading yesterday's or last weekend papers. They
just love the coldness of that early morning and were at their peak of alertness. Off course there are also some who couldn't sleep at all.

Different parts of the day meant differently to different kind of people. As I go through life, I also find my best part of the day changing. During college, the period between midnight and dawn to me was the best and most active. I could be shopping for groceries at Meiers at 3am and still be awake to attend class at 8.

So, that is what I think Abang. Aku nampak Abang termangu-mangu.

Aku cerita dengan Abang lagi. Now, the best part of the day for me is near sunset and around Maghrib. Because that's normally the time I reached home after work and see all your faces. When I will sit down for Dinner with Ibu and talk about her day. And also time to get to pray with you, Adik or with Ibu, sometimes. That's the happiest part of the day for me.

'Ayah, the happiest day for me would be the day you will buy for me Playstation 3', kata Abang.
'Ah.. this where it is leading to. Abang, you gonna have many sad days ahead of you. Because the last time I checked at MidValley PS3 is going at RM3977 per piece. Many sad days ahead', aku sengeh ke Abang.

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