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Monday, January 08, 2007


Persistence and Determination are among the few human attributes that is positive, motivating and success driven. When Shackleton and his crew of the Endeavor was struck in the ice floes in the Antartica on the way to reach the South Pole, Shackleton cited his determination to ensure the safety, alive as the sole reason that motivated him and his men to get out of certain death.

And who would ever forget Gandhi's determined passive resistance movement that brought down the British and finally relent for India's cry for independence. Despite intimidation, constant threats to life and limbs, Gandhi persist in his quest for the sake of his people.

And, normally the noblest for of persistence and determination is when it is geared towards achieveing something for the sake of others. Life, survival, freedom or independence. These selfless pursuits could separate men from mice. To be able to approach things with the wider aim not limited to self. Persistence and determination are as good qualities to any other human virtues.

Baby Faim masih memujuk, 'Ayah, nak olin! Nak olin. Olin Ayah'. Paling pantang dia kalau nampak aku start kereta. Lagi kuat persistence dia. Lagi kuat determination dia.

Lama aku cuba mengelak. Akhirnya aku kalah. Aku bawak Baby Faim pi Jusco. Tukar duit dengan token dan bagi dia main boling kanak-kanak dengan sepuasnya.

I guess another virtue is pity. Pity as possess by others could ensure your success. Or could it be love. From one living being to another.

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