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Sunday, April 08, 2007


'You can thank Sir John Anderson for that', aku beritau Abang.
'Who's he? And what has he got to do with all that?', tanya Abang lagi.
"Cause he the one who signed away the four states to Siam', jawab aku. ' You see those people are Malays, speak Malay, culturally Malay and share the same religion like the Malays on this side of the border', aku menambah sambil terus meneliti page Wikipedia.
'Why would he want to do that?. Whose authority?' tanya Abang lagi sambil mengerumuni screen komputer cuba membaca apa yang aku baca.
'He was the Governor, you see. I assume that he was doing it for the colonial government who was afraid of Siamese interference in the northern Malay states', aku cuba memberi alasan. Masuk akal kot.

'Oh like that. Since 1909? That so long Ayah. Are we gonna get them back?', tanya Abang lagi.
'I would say probably not, though it would be nice to have. The implications would be severe i guess', aku menjawab selamba.
'Hmmm', Abang berdiam.

'But, there is also the ninth district', aku cuba menarik perhatian Abang.
'What's that?', tanya Abang ingin tahu.
'Well, I will tell you what it is. But I will tell you more when you are older', jawab aku kepada Abang. Aku menutup pc dan mengajak Abang naik untuk tidor.

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