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Thursday, May 22, 2008


'What are you reading Ayah?', Adik tanya kepada aku.
'This is a book on Isaac Brock', jawab aku tanpa menoleh.

'Who is that?', tanya Adik. Abang pon mula datang mendekat.
'He's the guy who was responsible in defending his country from the American attack about 200 years ago', jawab aku secara ringkas. Aku nak habiskan sedikit lagi 'chapter' yang menarik ini.

'So, he was a hero?', Adik bertanya lagi.
'Yes, he was a hero to his people. Even though he died in battle shortly after', aku menambah.
'But, he died!', Abang mencelah.
'Well, dying for your country is the ultimate display of patriotism. Of course it has to be for the right reason. We have several outstanding individuals who have sacrificed their lives for our country', aku menjawab.
'Who Ayah?', tanya Abang mula menunjuk minat.
'Well I told you of Adnan Saidi's exploits at Bukit Candu, right? There's also Jamil Md Shah, slightly a decade later', aku menerangkan kepada Abang dan Adik.
'You should also learn about Dol Said, Maharaja Lela, Tok Gajah and Mat Kilau... heroes of long ago', kata aku lagi.
'Oh I know.. I know... Pbt Aznan', cepat Abang mencelah.
'Yep, him too of the recent time.. and on a different continent', aku mengangguk setuju.

'But there are also nationalists and patriots who have done a lot for our country without having to bear arms or taking any lives', aku menambah lagi.
'What do you mean, Ayah?', tanya Abang. Adik pon mengangguk-angguk ingin tahu.
'Well, in addition to the heroes in the mainstream history books, there are also journalists, writers, educationists who played a role in our history. I can only remember Ahmad Boestaman, Ishak Haji Yaacob, Zaaba, Ibrahim Yaacob...', aku menutur sebutir-sebutir cuba mengingat.

'So, my children, it would make every parents proud if you would have inside you strong feeling of love for your country and would strive to defend its every inch', aku saja berucap sedikit. Aku nak nengok ropa mereka. Muka Abang dan Adik biasa aja.
'Even for a piece of rock?', tanya Abang.
'Yes, even for a piece of rock', jawab aku sambil menghela nafas panjang.

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