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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Adik From the Heart

I have said many many times. That Adik, personality wise, is very sensitive and loving. But, he does blow his tops somehow/times. And, Ibu said that when he is overexcited he would forget himself and flout whatever cautions we gave him.

Two day ago, due to their continous disagreement, I have forbidden both Abang and Adik from touching their XBOX for the rest of the evening. As their disagreement then worsened, and degenerated into a shouting match(loud shouting match) I immediately showed my displeasure and sent both of them to their respective beds, earlier than usual.

Passing through Adik closed bedroom door, I hear Adik sniffling and talking softly, apparently to himself. I listen carefully to what sounded like an expression of regret. I left him at that and thought that I would later in the middle of the night, join him in his bed. I wanted to point out to him that I was not punishing him but punishing his bad/inappropriate behavior.

Later, I woke up in the middle of the night and was walking out of my bedroom when I stepped on a piece of paper. I noticed Adik's writing and realised that he must have slipped it in sometime when I was already asleep.

It read, ' Ayah! I am sorry. I don't want the Nintendo DS anymore in return for one happy day, please! '. Simple. I have been promising to buy Adik his Nintendo after he completed his Ramadan fasting. But, I have been delaying buying it as I was quite preoccupied with work since Hari Raya. I returned back to bed and woke up Ibu just to show her the note. We had a late night discussion and agreed that we should get Adik his Nintendo the very next day.

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