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Thursday, March 09, 2017


Yes, It has been around that long. It has seen it good days. Now, it is languishing in that area between time and a dimension that has yet to be discovered by scientists of various fields.

The kids are all grown up. Abang is back in Malaysia, pursuing his last semester at Monash, far away from Carleton where he spent four years. Adik is into his second semester at Taylor's U. He is pursuing his study in Mass Comm there. Both are staying with Atuk and Nenek, keeping them company. The two cats, Chitty and Snowy are their two companions.

Baby Faim is here with us. Beginning his high school years here without the constant teasing of Adik. Making new friends and also the best companion for Ibu. Me, still the same although now I have more time for Ibu at home. Hope she is happier to see my face more often and my constant nagging for some kind of delicious food only available back home in Malaysia.

I guess things are going OK at the moment. I am watching my diet as I must per the doctor's advice. It has been three and a half year since. Am not out of the woods yet but am thanking God for every single morning that I could wake up and see the sunshine. And, keep on praying in the middle of the night when He decided to remind me and nudged me from the bed.

Well, there's not much to say any more, I guess. Except for the very few attempts to remain creative, I can't seem to have that discipline to write diligently as before.

Hmmm... maybe I can ask Adik to write here instead... OK, I'll go ask him!

Till then, bye for now.


rendrazaleighwrites said...

i start baca blog ayah masa 2 hari sebelum enroll UG ni da habis PG... masa berlalu dengan cepat sekali

Ayah said...

thank you rendra. i wish i could write more often... getting older u see

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