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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


'Ayah, why are you changing into that shirt at night?', Zaim bertanya sambil menunjuk jari ke jersi biru Everton yang aku pakai.

' My team is playing on ESPN. And you gonna watch it with me', jawab aku tersenyum ke Abang.

'Forget it Ayah. Wait for tomorrow Ayah. United is playing. That's a real team', Zaim ngusik.

'Ok, ok let's change the channel to 81 please!', aku malas nak melayan budak banyak songeh dah ni.

Abang tukar channel astro dan meneliti permainan yang sedang berlangsung.

'Ayah, why is Everton wearing red? ' tanya Zaim.

Aku pon pelik. Salah channel ka? Ini Middlesborough. 'Change Bang', kata aku. Salah channel la ni.

'It's the right channel la Ayah. Look there's a notice. Ooo ooo they regret they cannot show Everton game for some reasons la Ayah. So, they show Middlesborough game. Hahahahaha', Zaim ketawa.

'Maybe they know no one is going to watch Everton la Ayah, heheheheheheh. ' Zaim sambung ketawa.

' Ohhh you so clever now yea? You now what I'm gonna do? I am gonna buy you only Sunderland jerseys as your clothes', kata aku cuba ngusik dia pulak.

'What? But they are at the bottom of the table...', jawab Zaim ngeluh.

' Yes, and I am gonna make you wear it everyday... hahahhahahahha', aku tergelak.

Zaim pon gelak.

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