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Saturday, March 13, 2004


" That must be a different kind of party than the one I am going to", kata Zaim sambil menunjuk kepada poster bermacam-macam kat tepi jalan.

"That's referring to political parties, society's vehicle to getting rich, powerful and famous", kata ku sinis.

"So you choose them to govern you, in a way you choose them to tell you what to do?" tanya Zaim lagi.

"Basically, that is correct, but actually it should be this way, you choose them so that they can tell you what to do in the way you want them to do. But, they never do. Faham?" tanyaku.

"No!. But, Ayah you will have two parties to attend to come Sunday the 21st? Which one you want?" lagi Zaim bertanya.

" Actually, I havent thought about that. But, remember the options I talked to you about earlier? Maybe they will both get dissappointed because I think there's another party involving fast cars and sexy girls somewhere else on the same day" jawabku tersenyum, malah tersengeh.

Zaim naikkan kening dia dan berkata," Hey, does Ibu knows anything about this party of yours, you sick old man!".

Aku ketawa kuat kuat.

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