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Wednesday, March 10, 2004


Semalam aku balik cepat...

Sedang Zaim terkial-kial buat maths dia, aku pun cuba menyejukkan hati dia, " You may be finding the stuff you are doing now is hard. But, this is just preparing you for the real world. When you grow big, with all these knowledge and education, you will be able to get a good job with big salary.. then you will be on easy street... hidup senang, gaji besar"

Zaim tak menoleh tapi berkata sesenyap," Ayah i never hear you say you have big salary. Is big salary important, Ayah?"

"Well it does, at least that is what we parents think since time immemorial. But of course, that won't be a guarantee that a person would behave in a clever and responsible manner corresponding to the knowledge and priviliges they have"

" Ya la Ayah, there are still rich people, clever people, gaji besar people engaging in illegal things, corruption, vice, cheating, gambling and lotteries despite the good things they have", tambah Zaim.

"That's true la", angguk ku. "Ok la you continue with your work".

"Ayah, how many times do rich people eat daily?", tanya Zaim.

Apa soalan ni. Aku jawab hati-hati,"Same like us la I guess, breakfast, lunch and dinner".

"No matter how rich, they still eat three times a day like everyone else? Not much difference does it?" Zaim mula nak tunjuk pandai le tu.

"That's true", aku angguk lagi.

"Can I have some snack now Ayah, so that I can eat four times today, better than them?", kata Zaim sambil tersengeh.

"Hish!", jerit ku dalam diam sambil bangun menuju ke dapur.

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