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Friday, March 18, 2005


Zaim masih lagi dengan mimpi millionaire dia.

Sambil membuka gate untuk aku pagi tadi dia mengumumkan,'Ayah, the no.1 richest man in the world is now Bill Gates'.

'I know' jawab aku, ' he has always been like that for several years'.

'No la Ayah. He used to be at no 2 or 3. Last year, the guy from IKEA was no 1' Zaim terangkan pada aku.

'The guy from IKEA? The brother that we scolded last time because he didn't know what is what?' aku tanya cuba mengusik.

'Not that guy la Ayah. It's the owner of IKEA' Zaim mula nak menyampah.

'Ooo.. hmm. I wonder what number I am' kata aku.

'You Ayah? What is the world's population ummm 5 billion?' tanya Zaim.

'Yup' kata ku ringkas.

'Then you are no 499999999999999999.........' sengeh Zaim.

'And you must be the 5 billionth richest person?' tanya aku balik.

'of course, since I inherit everything from my father' Zaim ketawa. Aku pon ketawa.

What a refreshing talk to start the morning.

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