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Thursday, February 17, 2005


Semalam aku duduk dengan Zaim sambil melihat dia membuat kerja sekolah. Aku ambil kertas bertaip dari folder dia dan membaca. Aku tak percaya.

Aku tanya dia ' Did you write this?'
'Which one, oh that...yes' jawab Zaim.
Aku masih tak percaya.
'Did your teacher help you with it. Corrected it or anything'.
'No, I will only submit it on Friday', kata Zaim lagi. 'But she did explain to us about what kind adjectives we should use', tambah Zaim.

Aku geleng kepala macam masih tak percaya. Aku baca lagi karangan Zaim. Di bawah.

My Play Mate

My play mate or my brother, Naim, is very important to me because I feel very lonely without him around. He is smart, funny, fun, and creative. Alnaim is loud and can’t control his temper, but the strongest trait that really shines is that he is fun. Very fun. When he’s not around it gets quiet. I would always love my brother.

It was July 15, 2004 when my brother and I went out to the garden to play with our guns when Naim said he’s so good at everything.
I said “No, you’re not! Nobody is perfect except me!”
“Oh ya! Die from my gun! I’m terrorist!”
“I kill you already. I’m counter-terrorist!”
We played until we started fighting with our fist and legs.
Suddenly someone told us to stop. Simultaneously, we pivoted to investigate. We found our mom.
“You kids been fighting since Naim was born! I can’t believe it!”
That’s when I wondered why my brother and I do this.

Middle of November was when the tragedy happened. We had guests at our house, close relatives. I was bathing in the bathroom at this moment. It was raining, but not very hard. When I was splashing away… I heard a thunk on the pavement outside and right after the thunk happened, crying started. My brother crying. I quickly finished my bath and ran down stairs with my towel. My brother was in the kitchen with a cloth on his forehead and on the cloth was fresh blood. My mom was holding the cloth and my dad was getting water. My grandma called the hospital. Then my dad and my mom went to the hospital, leaving me, my grandma and my granddad behind. I wore my clothes and then we all headed for the hospital. My grandparents went in the operation room. I didn’t, I was too scared. I could hear his screaming from outside. Suddenly, his screaming filled the hall. He came out with a bandage on his forehead. Eight stitches he had. Even today, if you look at my brother’s left eyebrow, you can see the ugly scar.
That’s when I learned I never want to lose him.

It was at the KLIA when I and my brother were playing at the airplane playground near KFC. Me and Naim ran to the airplane and took off our shoes and started playing in the plane. We played at the slide, we played at the not moving, fake, babyish bus, and we climbed up to the controls and turn the buttons. Then my mom called to come out. We shove on our shoes and ran to our parents.
“Time to go Naim!” my dad said.
“Bye-bye everybody.”
I and my mom walked out. Tears rolled down my eyes.
I’ll miss him.

My fun brother is so important in uncountable ways. I love him and will never want him to go. I’ll be a puppy following his mommy. Even if he is angry and annoying he has a warm place in my heart. That’s why he is so important.

Alzaim ------------

Aku masih tak yakin. Bahawa kali ini Anak pula bercerita dengan Ayah.

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