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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Perbualans singkat dengan Zaim.

Atuk : You know Pak Long was born in 1918 during World War One.

Zaim : Are we involved in World War One?

Ayah : No.

Zaim : Because it was in Europe?

Ayah : Yes.

Zaim : In Europe where they killed the Jews....

Ayah : That was World War Two.

Zaim : Yeah, the Nazis put the Jew in Concentration Camps and put gas to kill them?

Ayah : How do you know about this? Did you see it? Were you there?

Zaim : I read from some books.

Ayah : They teach you at school?

Zaim : Yes err no. I read from books.

Atuk : What they did was very bad. Many people died. Maybe similar to what happened in Palestine now.

Zaim terdiam. Aku renung Zaim. Dia sambung baca buku Redwall oleh Brian Jacques. Aku harap dia akan mula cari buku tentang Palestine.

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