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Thursday, April 29, 2004

selingan negara 1
Zaim dengar iklan dekat radio pasal rukun negara.

'What's all that about, Ayah?' tanya Zaim.

'That's the rukun negara. It outlines the five principles or pillars by which we as the sons of our beloved country, Malaysia, should live by and uphold' jawab ku.

'Elaborate please..' kata Zaim.

'Well its just five simple phrases, but the meaning and the implications are great .. when it spoke of our responsibilities and obligations ... belief in God, loyalty to King and Country, sanctity of the Constitution, supremacy of the law and good behaviour and morality'.

'Well it wont mean much at this time, but it would mean a lot especially if you ever found yourself standing on top of a hill all alone and there were thousands of short people rushing at you with bayonets ready shouting BANZAI in unison' sambung aku..

'What in the world are you talking about Ayah?', keluh Zaim, pening.

'Heh heh heh ... I digressed. But come to think about it, maybe we should visit the Bukit Chandu Memorial and see how strangers are glorifying our heroes fighting for the land that was ours', kata ku bersahaja.

Kening Zaim makin berkerut, 'You are really losing me, old man. Don't go senile on me now, Ayah. You yet to get me my first car..hehehehe', Zaim pula ketawa kecil.

'Hehehehe', aku ketawa jugak.

'Ayah there's another important five pillars that we should abide to', kata Zaim mengingat.

'Yup, I think it's about time we do something about that. You go get the mat ready while i get my wuduk' jawab aku.

'Ok', jawab Zaim.

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